AdaPiper's Videos (33)

  • TXF ∞ The Sum

    TXF ∞ The Sum

    This is actually just a personal little sentiment. I miss my inspiration. Do you know what I mean? AdaPiper May 6, 2012 49 views

  • The X-Philes ∞ Never Forget

    The X-Philes ∞ Never Forget

    Here we go - our 8th worldwide Phile video project! If you look closely, you'll see that we got th… AdaPiper Sep 9, 2010 5/5 stars 28 views

  • Giorni Dispari

    Giorni Dispari

    - "This stubbornness of yours. It's why I fell in love with you" - "It's why we can't be together" Tags: want, secretos AdaPiper Jul 4, 2010 58 views

  • War


    WARNING: This is a tragic one. It takes place in the present day. Mulder is being shot. In a dying… Tags: Mulder, akte AdaPiper Jun 24, 2010 5/5 stars 237 views

  • TXF - Break The Ice

    TXF - Break The Ice

    HQ re-mastered because of the great popularity. About 'I want to believe' and how some people have… Tags: believe, movie AdaPiper Apr 5, 2009 5/5 stars 178 views

  • Hung up

    Hung up 02:19

    Watch with full screen! :) This is about communication issues of Mulder and Scully. Comment or die… Tags: of, the AdaPiper Mar 26, 2009 5/5 stars 623 views

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