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A Philes' dilemma

Wow. Turns out my boyfriend does not want to watch The X-Files. I've always looked forward to the day I could show him the greatness of it and how much it means to me.

Now he says he's not interested in seeing it. He has tried once with season 1 and wasn't impressed (though it's beyond me how one cannot be impressed by The X-Files).

What a dilemma. I don't think it's right to be mad at someone because he doesn't share your interests (especially if it's just about a TV…


Posted on August 6, 2011 at 6:09am — 2 Comments

Leonard Betts and his "ability"

Here's something funny that I noticed when watching Leonard Betts recently. And then I thought..., Betts can regrow his head but he can't regrow his hair?

Posted on December 13, 2010 at 8:30am


Having just visited the X-Con website for the first time, I've decided I may want to go to Berlin in October. Might be fun.

Posted on April 28, 2009 at 12:27am

Scully meets Rochester and I'll be watching

YES! I got a ticket for A Doll's House in London. Yes, I'm incredibly excited and feel bad for doing it already. Andy and I will go to London together. I'm actually going as a Toby Stephens fan. It was only after I heard about Toby and the play that I realized Gillian was in it too. So that's even better. I know one usually meets Toby at the stage door and he gives autographs and chats. Not sure if Gillian does that. If so, I'll try actually I'll probably just faint.… Continue

Posted on March 31, 2009 at 12:30pm

Tabloid Junkies

Why are so many people so interested in Duchovny's private life? I couldn't care less. It doesn't affect his professional life, then it's none of our business. But suddenly everyone's an expert and knows why he did what and where and when and, of course, everybody knows better. Holy moly! That's so annoying.

Posted on October 22, 2008 at 12:26am — 1 Comment


Hi, I'm mad's Big Light Box. Unfortunately, mad hasn't come up with a creative way yet to fill me with information.

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At 9:04pm on April 26, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Hey babe. Did you submit a video for the Anniversary Project yet? The deadline is the 30th and we need more videos to tell Uncle Frank thank you.

Can you spread the word please?
At 7:09am on April 19, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Happy birthday dear friend! I hope you´re having a great day over there. Lots of pictures ok? = )
At 5:43pm on April 3, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I know Berlin is not near you, but you know you want to go... =)

Are you still a moderator for XFU? I had no idea that site crashed until I went back last month to post and my ID was not recognized. I thought I was deactivated for not posting enough!
At 8:09am on April 1, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
You were sick? Are you better now? I hope so. You moved? To a new school, or new house? You're still near Hamburg right?

I've been good, busy with these XF projects, not to mention work. We just moved the office so these past 2 weekends have had me working overtime to get things set up. The new place is nice; the patients love it and there is no more fighting for a parking space!

Any chance you're coming back to the States in the future? Also, I hear a rumor that there is a German Expo in the works for the Fall. Have you heard anything on that?
At 6:27pm on March 31, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Nice job I!

And I'm glad your back on BL. Was school holding you hostage? =)
At 5:14pm on March 29, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Just a reminder:

Hello fellow Big Lighters!

On May 19, 2009, Big Light's social network turns one year old. Please up us celebrate the 1st anniversary by joining us in a party.

Since we are a worldwide fandom, and taking a cue from the XFN project, this will be an international project.

Using the creative talents of Anelisse, Gomnitus, and Yellowbee, please submit a video (or photos) telling Uncle Frank of the positive experiences you've had here with folks on Biglight. These can be Phile events you have been part of, finding other Philes in your area, or thanking him for creating this site. Entries can be solo or with a group; in your native language or English.

We are anticipating a HUGE turnout, so please read and follow the submission guidelines below.


- videos must be a maximum of 20 seconds
- no .MOV files
- if you have photos posted on your BL page and wish them to be used, please let us know via email

The deadline for submission is APRIL 30, 2009.

Send your submissions to

Let's make this party happen and thank Uncle Frank for the wonderful site he created.
At 6:28pm on November 26, 2008, Raskolnikov said…
You'll be pleased to know that German Philes seemed to have submitted the most out of all the countries. I mean, the list of names was super long!

Yea, come back to Biglight more often. I miss you around here.

And your family seems to be big like mine. September and October are the busy months for us in terms of birthdays.
At 7:31pm on November 25, 2008, Raskolnikov said…
Hey you - where have you been hiding? Biglught is buzzing over the Unreleased But Now Released Deleted Scene from FTF. Have you seen it?

And yes, I saw myself twice in the video - I was surprised! Did you make a submission? Some of the German folks were hard to see (either to far away of grainy).

How's school going?
At 1:57pm on November 5, 2008, Raskolnikov said…
Just FYI:

I'm back from my XF Vancouver trip and posted up almost 100 pictures up on my page in the album section. Feel free and take a look around in the album section of my page. Let me know which ones you loved, liked, hated, etc..
At 3:35pm on September 11, 2008, Raskolnikov said…
Were they your wisdom teeth? Sorry about that. I remember when I had my wisdome teeth pulled out; I was feeling nasty for days after due to the medication and the fact that I swalled my own blood during the procedure.

I'm doing well; working a lot. I'm actualyy taking some time off in Oct and going to visit the "Prmised Land" - I'm going to Vancouver to visit some Phile friends and to see some locations that XF used over the years.

Have you been there before? Any place I should visit?

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