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The Episodes that Never Aired
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Heather Aymer Sep 16, 2009.

The Skype Philes
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Started this discussion. Last reply by traumcave Jun 12, 2010.

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"Hey babe. Did you submit a video for the Anniversary Project yet? The deadline is the 30th and we need more videos to tell Uncle Frank thank you. Can you spread the word please? Maybe on…"
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"Just a reminder: Hello fellow Big Lighters! On May 19, 2009, Big Light's social network turns one year old. Please up us celebrate the 1st anniversary by joining us in a…"
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The Darkness Finds You...and Me

The Skype Files - Schedule and Info

As part of the 'Believe in the Future' Campaign and in support of a classic-XF style XF3 movie, the Skype Files will host a six-month long Mytharc Marathon. The marathon starts on May 2 and ends October 31.
The schedule can be found below or at
(Thanks to Avi, alleyphile, of XFN for putting together the beautiful chart)
Contact me at Biglight (Moxed) or on skype at moxed42 if you want to join in!
The green slots are sessions with Mytharc episodes, the blue ones are X-Files Holidays and the black ones are themed sessions.




May 02nd, 200909:00 p.m. EST
01x79 Pilot 01x01 Deep Throat 01x09 Fallen Angel
May 09th, 200909:00 p.m. EST
01x16 E.B.E. 01x23 The Erlenmeyer Flask 02x01 Little Green Men
May 16th, 200905:00 p.m. EST02x05 Duane Barry 02x06 Ascension 02x08 One Breath
May 23th, 200909:00 p.m. EST02x10 Red Museum 07ABX09 Signs and Wonders (*)
May 30th, 200909:00 p.m. ESTComedy Session: 03x20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space 05x12 Bad Blood 07ABX12 X-Cops
June 6th, 200909:00 p.m. EST02x16 Colony 02x17 End Game
June 13th, 200909:00 p.m. EST02x25 Anasazi 03x01 The Blessing Way 03x02 Paper Clip
June 20th, 200905:00 p.m. EST03x09 Nisei 03x10 731
June 27th, 200909:00 p.m. EST03x15 Piper Maru 03x16 Apocrypha 03x24 Talita Cumi
July 04th, 200909:00 p.m. EST04x01 Herrenvolk 04x09 Tunguska 04x10 Terma
July 11th, 200909:00 p.m. EST04x15 Memento Mori 04x17 Tempus Fugit 04x18 Max
July 18th, 200905:00 p.m. EST04x21 Zero-Sum 04x24 Gethsemane
July 25th, 200909:00 p.m. ESTThe X-Files: I Want To Believe
Aug. 01st, 200909:00 p.m. EST05x02 Redux 05x03 Redux II 05x13 Patient X 05x14 The Red and The Black
Aug. 07th, 200909:00 p.m. EST03x08 Oubliette 06x20 The Unnatural 7ABX18 Hollywood A.D.
Aug. 08th, 200909:00 p.m. EST05x21 The End The X-Files: Fight The Future
Aug. 09th, 200909:00 p.m. EST01x12 Beyond The Sea 06x20 Milagro 7ABX17 all things
Aug. 15th 200905:00 p.m. EST06x01 The Beginning 06x10 S.R. 819
Aug. 22nd, 200909:00 p.m. EST06x11 Two Fathers 06x12 One Son
Aug. 29th, 200909:00 p.m. ESTThe Best of Doggett & Reyes: 8ABX17 Empedocles 9ABX13 Audrey Pauley
Sept. 5th, 200909:00 p.m. EST06x22 Biogenesis 7ABX03 The Sixth Extinction 7ABX04 The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati
Sept. 12th, 200909:00 p.m. EST7ABX10 Sein Und Zeit 7ABX11 Closure 7ABX 15 En Ami
Sept. 19th, 200905:00 p.m. EST7ABX22 Requiem 8ABX01 Within 8ABX02 Without
Sept. 26th, 200909:00 p.m. EST8ABX08 Per Manum 8ABX14 This Is Not Happening 8ABX15 Deadalive
Oct. 03rd, 200909:00 p.m. EST8ABX16 Vienen 8ABX18 Three Words
Oct. 10th, 200909:00 p.m. EST8ABX20 Essence 8ABX21 Existence
Oct. 13th, 200909:00 p.m. EST02x02 The Host 05x06 Post Modern Prometheus 7ABX05 Millennium
Oct. 17th, 200905:00 p.m. EST9ABX01 Nothing Important Happened Today 9ABX02 Nothing Important Happened Today II
Oct. 24th, 200909:00 p.m. EST
9ABX08 Trust No 1 9ABX10 Provenance
9ABX11 Providence
Oct. 31st, 200909:00 p.m. EST9ABX17 William 9ABX19-9ABX20 The Truth

(1) If the crowd feels with enough energy, more episodes will be watched (2) If there's no attendance to the 05:00 p.m. International editions, the session will be moved to the usual 09:00 EST
(*) Not a Mytharc episode.

HAVE YOU HEARD: Frankenbear for a Cause

1) What are the Skype Files?
- A synced, group watching of X-Files episodes with Philes from all over the world!

2) When?
- Usually, every Saturday night at 9 pm EST. Occasionally we have International sessions at 5 pm EST.
World Time Zones -- EST is "New York" time or GMT -5

3) What do I need to participate?
- a. We use Skype, a free download ( to talk to each other (free!). The program has both voice and text-chat options.
i. If you want to join the voice, you'll need HEADPHONES, speakers, and a microphone. There is some major static that occurs if you're not wearing headphones, so you'll want to wear a pair. We also ask that if you're watching XF on your TV and you're pariticpating in voice chat, you have the volume reduced on the TV so everyone else on the line doesn't hear your episode playing.
ii. While a microphone is required t to speak in voice chat, you can still listen to the chat assuming that you have a pair of headphones and speakers.
iii. There is a text-based chat that goes on simultaneously with voice. So, even if you can't talk, you can still join Skype-Files and participate in the chat.

b. Some form of the XF episode. If you don't have DVDs, we have internet links to the episodes so that you can join in.

c. MOST IMPORTANTLY: A love of X-Files and a sense of HUMOR.

3) How do you sync the episodes?
- Very sophisticated technology has allowed us sync the episodes within +/- 10 seconds of each other. It is called COUNTING... and starts with:
"X on Play" -- That is, pull up your episode menu, and put your cursor over Play
GO, and on GO we click Play!

4) What do you guys talk about?
- Well. The goal of every episode watch is to stay on topic with the episode, but more often than not there are diversions into other episodes, XF in general, associated projects, actors/actresses/directors, philedom in general, anticipation for XF3, etc.

5) How many episodes do you watch?
Usually, 1-2 episodes; but some philes will continue watching episodes together even when the "official" session is over

6) How can I join??
Download Skype. Click "Add Contacts" and search for moxed42. That's me! Send me a message saying you want to join the Skype Files and I'll add you to the call list. Alternatively, you can send me a message on BigLight with your Skype username.

7) How do the chats start?
Basically, a little before 9 pm est, I'll open a group text chat, and shortly after, a voice chat. All you need to do is be online and I'll add you to the chat. Once you contact me for the first time, your name is added to a Skype File invite list.

8) Where do you have a schedule of episodes posted?
The BEST way to keep updated with the Skype Files is to follow us on twitter ( @skypephiles. I will also post the episodes for the upcoming week on Biglight.

9) What is "Hosting"?
- The "Host" is whoever started the voice chat. Only the person who is hosting can invite more people to the voice conversation, but anyone can add someone else to the group chat.

Across the US, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe.... ALL OVER.

11) I think this could use more pineapple
So do we: Add Pineapple

If you're interested, message me on skype (moxed42) or biglight!

Re: stubborness

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At 9:33pm on January 28, 2010, Pluto gave Moxed a gift
You'll need this all through-out Season 1-5. But only twice in Seasons 6-9, because it doesn't rain in America except with special effects.
At 8:29pm on June 24, 2009, Pluto said…
At 8:59pm on April 26, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Hey babe. Did you submit a video for the Anniversary Project yet? The deadline is the 30th and we need more videos to tell Uncle Frank thank you.

Can you spread the word please? Maybe on Skype?
At 5:26pm on March 29, 2009, Raskolnikov said…
Just a reminder:

Hello fellow Big Lighters!

On May 19, 2009, Big Light's social network turns one year old. Please up us celebrate the 1st anniversary by joining us in a party.

Since we are a worldwide fandom, and taking a cue from the XFN project, this will be an international project.

Using the creative talents of Anelisse, Gomnitus, and Yellowbee, please submit a video (or photos) telling Uncle Frank of the positive experiences you've had here with folks on Biglight. These can be Phile events you have been part of, finding other Philes in your area, or thanking him for creating this site. Entries can be solo or with a group; in your native language or English.

We are anticipating a HUGE turnout, so please read and follow the submission guidelines below.


- videos must be a maximum of 20 seconds
- no .MOV files
- if you have photos posted on your BL page and wish them to be used, please let us know via email

The deadline for submission is APRIL 30, 2009.

Send your submissions to

Let's make this party happen and thank Uncle Frank for the wonderful site he created.
At 6:06pm on March 12, 2009, JadeRenee said…
I like sleep too! Haha. You should totally come to STL! It'd be awesome :)
At 6:47pm on March 11, 2009, JadeRenee said…
Remember when we used to be on skype all hours of the night talking about the silliest of things?

At 4:37pm on February 28, 2009, JadeRenee said…
That's true. It's totally a good and awesome compliment. Haha. <3
At 12:53pm on February 28, 2009, JadeRenee said…
You only love me for my vast music collection!
At 11:56pm on February 24, 2009, JadeRenee said…
Oh. My. God. I didn't know you liked NFG. I love you even more now!!! <3 omg. I miss everyone hardcore.
At 10:29pm on February 24, 2009, Pluto said…
you totally just Added Pineapple to my wall !

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