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I've been cuddled by Gillian, I'm one happy bear!

Profile Information

Who am I?

So I guess I should introduce myself, huh?

Well, my name is Frankenbear, and I'm not your regular old bear from the circus, or even your local Zoo... I'm more of a reinassance bear, if you can "bear" the thought... get it? get it? BEAR LOL yeah, I laugh at my own jokes.

I'm very laid back, I rarely keep track of the series I watch now, you can pretty much guess that I'm an avid X-Files fan, specially a Scully fan... I'm not going to go into telling you why 'cause I'm sure you are one too, and if you're not... really? like for real? why are you not?

So lately I've been involved in all of these projects; my friends tell me that I'm too easy and that I just say 'yes' all the time, and that I get dragged into the most confussing situations... I won't go into detail, but some times bubble bath is involved. Is not that I get dragged, is that I let them do it with my authorization. I'm in complete control of my life, for real.

So with that in mind, apparently I got into this program where I'll be visiting some peeps, if you can imagine, around the world. Yes. I thought so too... 'around the world, oh rly?' Yes, really.

Apparently I'll be travelling first class, (or so I've been told) and I'll stroll some beaches and visit exotic places, with some very expert tour guides, its all covered... you know... And with this trip, who knows? Maybe I'll get the word out to a big kahuna and get him to pay my way to Mars and get some aliens involved into giving out for this. I'm sure they will love the idea...

The thing is that apparently I am this spokesperson for this thing, all to get the word out and help a cause ( Santa Monica-UCLA-Medical Center: Rape Treatment Center ) that this apparently awesome guy named Frank Spotnitz is very passionate about, have you heard of him? Funny, we share the same first name... sorta. His parents must have had good taste.

In any case, I'll be travelling around the world, that should make my mom proud, since I've been on her bad side since I told her that I was allergic to pollen, lactose intolerant and that thought that salmon hunting was a waste of time. Seriously, why do that when supermarkets are now open 24/7?? I even tried to go vegan, you know, its the new hot thing, but for real, the beavers that have the local Whole Foods at St. Louis are just ripping everyone off (Those are regular bell peppers, you're not fooling anyone...)

So what else can I say? I'm a scorpio, but also a bear, don't get confussed. I like to walk around the forrest, surf, hike, and watch The Ellen Degeneres Show... I can even dance over the coffee table.

I'm single, if you're interested PM me, please no pandas, red or white, or polars. Is not that I'm racist, but you gotta keep it real. Just sayin'. I don't drink, I don't smoke... anymore. I like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones... yes, that's possible.

I hope to see you around, I keep a blog, I'll be leaving St. Louis to cruise the world and maybe find the answer to the life long question... 'How do they keep the oreos always so very delicious?'

- FB

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FB: St. Petersburg... I miss you so!

After A long journey from Moscow, I finally arrived in St. Petersburg on August 17th where I met a new phile named Ksenia. She could see how tired I was from my trip, so she gave me a day off and instead of sightseeing, she showed me her X-Files collection! She had lots of posters, DVDs, autographs, and all sorts of other things. It was quite a collection! Ksenia even showed me the postcards from all over Russia that people have sent in for the Believe in the Future campaign. And they’re one… Continue

Posted on October 8, 2009 at 11:42pm

FB: So Finally my Russian Tale

So after a long trip in my box from Germany, I finally arrived in Moscow! And it was a pretty amazing city—with some awesome Philes, I might add. Irina and Sasha were my tour guides! We went all over the city. Though I was disappointed to see that there aren’t any bears in the streets. I kinda wanted to make some more fuzzy friends, but the Russian Philes were so cool that it didn’t matter.

Anyway, during our exploration of the city, we met up with Russia’s very own CSM, aka Stalin.… Continue

Posted on September 16, 2009 at 10:54pm

FB: Cologne!

After being in Bochum for two days, Kai, my new German friend (I still miss my Hawaiian Kai!), brought me to Cologne. There we met up with Annette, Melanie, Michaela and Yvonne. To start the day, my new friends showed me the 'Kölner Dom'. Wow, that was a huge cathedral, especially considering I’m a rather small bear!

After that we went to a souvenir shop, because a bear’s gotta shop, you know? And because my new friends are so cool (also cause I’m such a cute bear. Admit it!), they… Continue

Posted on August 2, 2009 at 10:36pm

FB: Berlin and Hamburg

Oh.. Berlin!

So as some of you may have heard, I was now in Germany. And boy have I been a busy bear! But I’ve just been having so much fun that I’ve neglected my blog a bit. So here goes. I got to Berlin on the 22nd. Luckily, my host Manuela had to work, so I got to rest until Friday. And after London, Paris, and Disneyland, I was about ready to hibernate!

On Friday we got to go into the city and met up with some other X-Philes: Marina, Sabrina, Antje, Lydia and… Continue

Posted on August 2, 2009 at 10:30pm

FB: French dreams and London emotions!

So to make this story organized… I’ll break it down in days… so much to tell so little time! Also… I made my very first appearance in Frank’s Blog. I’ll try to keep my cool exterior and not go fangirl about it… or fan boy… I already learned how to squee… this is not happening again.

- July 8th: Paris Baby!!!!!!!

We went to Paris on July 8th. Many French Philes joined us at the train station: Agathe, Cécile, Amélie and Timmy. They are the best ever! Even… Continue

Posted on July 23, 2009 at 5:07pm

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At 10:39pm on November 17, 2009, Young Heejin said…
Happy Birthday to you! ^_^
At 6:54pm on November 17, 2009, Smartiegal said…
happy birthday
At 3:40am on November 17, 2009, triangle said…
Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day at Frank's desk :)
At 1:35am on November 17, 2009, Lady3Jane said…
Happy Birthday to the coolest Bear in the world :) Miss you, sweety.
At 7:04pm on November 16, 2009, Lee Bader gave Frankenbear TheBear a gift
Happy B-Day! :)
At 10:39am on August 19, 2009, Nastyа said…
I am already miss you... :'(((
At 4:17pm on July 28, 2009, Boston said…
Hey Frankenbear. I love you. That is all.
At 2:22pm on July 25, 2009, Banjara said…
Hi Frankenbear!!! Thnx for the add!!! You are so Welcome to visit Puerto Rico if you are interested!!!! It'll be a pleasure to recieve you here!!!!
I met Gillian too!!!! :D
At 7:33pm on June 21, 2009, Rika said…
Hi Frankenbear, I am finally back in Hawaii, but I miss you so much. I won't forget the time we spent together *sniff*
At 11:20am on June 18, 2009, Potato said…
July 25th ..., cuddles in Hamburg/ Germany !!!
We are still waiting :)

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