MEDICI: MASTERS OF FLORENCE premieres on December 9th on Netflix. Our lucky European friends from Italy, France and Spain had already the privilege to have their own premieres. It's time for the rest of us to join in the excitement.

Are you a fan of period dramas? Intrigue and Mystery? History? the Arts!? This is for you! Richard Madden - from Game of Thrones - and Dustin Hoffman - who needs no introduction - star in the show, with Annabel Scholey and Stuart Martin... and so.many.other talented actors, believe me, the show is fantastic!

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The series is LIVE! 

Click here to find us on Netflix.

Avi Q.

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Also if you want to watch a sneak peek... here's an awesome - shippy - one!

Binged all in one night! This one got me hooked!


I've watched 3 times by now, I can't wait for all the fanfic that could be written about it!

Wendy said:

Binged all in one night! This one got me hooked!

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