Has anyone seen Frank's new show, The Man in the High Castle yet? What do you think?!

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I thought it was great, I have watched it four times now. Great alternative what if scenario. The Germans and the Japanese look about to head to war. Stunning twist of a betrayal at the end. Beautiful imagery and the whole production is like movie quality.

I loved it. It was beautifully shot. The writing was incredible. I love all the characters. Really I can't get enough of it. I want more. Which is really my only problem with it--that I can't have it all right now. Everyone needs to watch. 

It was really good, true science fiction! The photography, production design, attention to details, the world-building were all of feature film quality and really excellent. The whole thing is set up in an excellent way. The only thing that bothered me was Juliana recovering from the assassination of her sister way too quickly.

Having read the novel I find this adaptation very interesting, the alternative history of the novel always had potential for a live adaptation -- however I have to say that the resolution of the mysteries that are being set up is quite risky for a TV show. Going beyond the world-building and into what makes PKD's novel stand out from the rest of alternative histories out there, namely the echoes to our world and what is real and what is fake, I really don't know how they might want to deal with this on-screen. When it was first announced as a project for TV in 2010, they were aiming to do a mini-series out of this, and indeed I don't see how this could be longer than one season.

I haven't yet! I will be tonight and will pop back with my thoughts. I am sooooo excited!!!

I would love to see this new show. Can it be viewed in Canada? I can't get it through Amazon.ca.(Amazon in Canada). How can I view the pilot? Any ideas?

Chris Hilliam

X-Files/Millenium/Hunted fan

I'm glad it was picked up for a full season because I didn't like being given a cliff hanger. I liked it overall but it played it close to the vest. There was an allusion to the Title meaning, but I really prefer pilot's to stand on their own since there is no promise of a followup. 

My husband and I just got done watching all 10 episodes. We thought they were awesome! So well done. Very captivating. Amazing how you really felt like you were in the 60s will all the outfits, the cars and everything.

As we were watching this, we couldn't help but get the feeling how the styling of the show felt sort of like the series Granite Flats, originally on BYUtv but now on Netflix. Especially the opening credits. And when the singer in the Japanese strip joint sings "The End of the World" - that is the theme song to Granite Flats! So I just have to know, was there any sort of influence from Granite Flats? Was having the song "The End of World" a nod to Granite Flats? If not, that is one heck of a coincidence.

The only bad thing, now we have to wait for more episodes.

Sounds like a nod to that series though I have never even heard of it. Similar to how many times on another show you will see someone smoke a pack of 'Morley' Cigarettes. 

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