My sister and I travelled down to London in our car (my husband kindly drove us there, to save a train fare.) Then we said farewell to Pete and travelled on the tube to Charing Cross, where we met up with my HODD friend Mel (who I first bumped into in New York after David Duchovny’s play ‘Break Of Noon’.)

Mel, me and Mandy on the Hungerford Bridge

The movie started at 5.10pm after a brief introduction with Phil Leirness. I found this 2 and a half hour documentary movie to be entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring in many ways. I think they covered just about every paranormal subject know as well as many conspiracy theories. After the movie there was a Q&A with Phil and Dean Haglund for about an hour. I recorded most of this on my I-pod and the links are now up at Youtube…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Afterwards we headed into the lobby and the first person I found surrounded by female fans was Dean. Surprisingly enough he remembered me from the last XF Improv show he did in Telford (a few years ago!) He was pleased to hear I met David Duchovny in New York last year, And I gave him my UNICEF gig on DVD (which he was happy to advertise for me! (See below) LOL! (For those of you who don’t know? I was part of a project on the HODD website where we raised money for the charity on David’s behalf.) So apart from David, Dean now has a copy…

and so does Phil! :-)

It was really nice to finally meet this guy! We had communicated briefly on Myspace and Facebook and I once put my 'Chiquitita' performance clip from my UNICEF gig up on his M-space site. I recieved a lovely compliment, saying how maybe he'd see me 'live' one day? So I thought my DVD was the next best thing! :) Apart from talking about the movie, and about my New York experience last year, I also chatted to him about author Dan Brown and noetic science. He introduced me to a lovely lady called Natacha Adjovi who works for the Institute of Noetic Science (UKIONS) and she is now a friend at Facebook!

Throughout the movie Dean was receiving ‘therapy’ from a very interesting lady who really grabbed my attention. I found Dr Niki J Monti on Facebook and she invited me to join her.

After the premiere we walked back towards Charing Cross station over the Hungerford Bridge. It looked so pretty so I took a snapshot of night time in London.
Took the tube back out of the city and met up with my husband, who took us back home.

Phil Leirness and Dean Haglund present a podcast every week called ‘Chillpak Hollywood Hour’ Incase you haven’t heard of it yet, you can find them on Facebook!/chillpakhollywood
Their official website (where you can find every podcast ever been made – and they are now in their 4th anniversary!) is here…
There is also an official website of the movie…

I highly recommend folk buy their DVD when it's released. :)


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