Myself and another awesome phile Sarah were talking about having a midwest philes meetup sometime soon. It's called

The Cows and Corn Marathon

and we will be showing any episodes that feature or show cows and corn and other things that are staples of the midwest (but we're very open to suggestion and adding more episodes, of course).

We haven't made a decision on when or where to have it yet because we need YOUR participation!

So please comment here or PM me if this is something you would be interested in. If you're from the midwest, are going to be in the midwest anytime this spring/summer, or even if you just feel like making a road trip, let us know! We're trying to get as many people involved as possible to make this an awesome event to remember! :)

Here's the official T-shirt designed by Sarah

We promise it will be really fun :D

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great idea now we are talking please let it be chicago thank you
I love your event name! =)

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