I had a lovely chat with Frank yesterday about the genesis of Hunted and the first three episodes. We'll be doing a number of these to be getting insight on this fantastic new series right from the man's mouth. Enjoy!

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I wasn't sure what to make of it and found it was dragging somewhat UNTIL we got to episode 4. I've now seen 5 and Frank is right, it really does get turned around with some interesting outcomes you were not expecting...and episode 6 is this Thursday.) Now it's picked up it's got such an interesting storyline building, and even the secrets that we don't know answers to yet are intriguing. This type of spy series has been done before. Maybe not in the USA but over here in England, BBC 1's 'Spooks' (who are also the people behind this) was a great TV series and a huge hit in UK. It was centered on a group of spies though, not one individual. So if you took Melissa George's character out of the picture and were left with her work colleagues, then it would be similar to 'Spooks'. If Americans are really enjoying this then I suggest you check out the 'Spooks' series as well - you won't be disappointed! :)

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