Is anyone else captivated by this book?  Any favorite stories of either the show, Kim ,or a location?


      One of my favorite stories comes from Location Manager Mac Gordon on p. 69, as he talks about securing the cow motel for The Rain King.  "We want to shoot here, but by the way, we want to punch a hole in the roof so a cow can fly through it.  Is that ok?  After the initial shock wears off, they are usually ok with it."


I have more; it's just a matter of picking the best ones to share!


Anyone else have a favorite story to share?


Don't have the book yet?  What story are you most interested in reading about?



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I haven't finished the book yet, but one of my favourite parts was reading about all the extra's stories from the set of "Fight Club" - I'm really going to pay more attention to those fight scenes. :)
I finished reading the book this weekend. I think my fave chapter is the chapter about season seven. Most of all I liked the stories about the shot at Big Bear Lake (loved the place when we were there), The Goldberg Variation shot and the shot from All Things. The Closure shot seems very personal to me because we were able to stay at room # 121 this summer. :) It was cool to read about the t-shirts and stuff they got from time to time. That reminds me that I have a crew shirt from episode Dreamland, but it´s a bit to big for me. Oh, and I like the Jimmy Happy Ball story. Just knew the game but didn´t knew the rules. It was interesting to read about David and Gillian directing their episodes.
I also loved a few stories in the chapter about season six. I had to laugh when I read the funny things happened on set on page 48 and the sentence "Caution - Naked girls inside!". My fave stories are from episodes "The Beginning", the cow story from "Rainking", "Monday" and "The Unnatural". Very interesting was Mark Snows story ...about composing the XF theme and I liked the german part from "Triangle".
My fave story in the FtF chapter are Mitch´s words about leaving Vancouver on page 29. This is really sad and touching. What I find interesting are the different views of the crew members leaving Vancouver. And I really love the story about the Pemberton glacier with Mulders footprints and the stories from Guy Jackson.
Well, just loved the whole book. I think I have to do one more Back to the roots trip. :)
I did one with my friend 2010 and here are pics from the sets which are mentioned in LAX FILES:
Password is: xfilesmania

I haven't finished it yet, but so far one story I liked was what Laurie Holden had to say about her scene with Nic Lea in Patient X (pg 96). "My mouth hurt for a week!". That really had me laughing :)


I also liked hearing about how working on The X-Files allowed some of the crew to go on to projects they had dreamed about. One example that comes to mind is how Michael Watkins was able to work for Steven Spielberg. Stories like that had me smiling like a fool, much to the delight of the nosy people next to me at the library. I can only imagine what I must have looked like reading this book, laughing out loud at some of the stories.


The fan stories were really good too! I was surprised, yet not so surprised, at how nice everyone was to the fans.


I just love this book! Great job Erica!

I, personally, really enjoyed reading about Bruce Harwood's wedding band dilemma.  It is something I never really noticed about Byers in earlier episodes, and I love that he had created an entire backstory for his character beyond the snippets we saw of The Lone Gunmen during the series.  Byers is, I think, one of the most interesting characters on the show that we really didn't have an opportunity to get to know, so I was glad to read that little story.


I also really like the impression you get from the book of each director's personal style...especially Kim Manners and Rob Bowman.  It is so interesting that people who are so different can each get such phenomenal results.  It really illustrates what a wonderful process artistic collaboration can be!


There are many other favorites, of course, but I will let others share...


@ LittleBlue - you have some fantastic pics!! Thanks for sharing!

One of my favourite things from the book is the thought of CSM on waterskis! It just makes me giggle ;)


I also loved reading about how cool and friendly the crew seemed to be with fans who turned up at their shooting locations. Must've been a great experience for them all :)

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