If you are a proud member of xfilesultimate.com then come here to introduce yourself so that others will know who you are!! Show some love for the friendly boards!!!
The X-Files Ultimate

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Woohoo!!!! XFU - I love you!!!!

OK on those fabulous friendly boards i'm (go on take a wild guess) special agent gizmo.
I am so original with my screen names lol.
Ayup me duckies!
I am a proud XFU!
Im everywhere...Im an x files board lurking hoare:) Hi all
Yeah, we are everywhere. ;) And now we are infiltrating Frank's site. :)
oh, me too. Just joined.
Yeah! I am in XFU too!! And in Haven!! I am everywhere LOL and very happy to be sharing all the excitement for the new movie...
It is incredible how during 6 years all my love for the show was dormant and with the news of the new movie it all has came to me again... stronger and better!
Now, me, being a little older it has surprised me how my Xphile-self hasn´t vanished. Guess it goes beyond rational explanation. And its is amazing it is time-passing proof.
Hey, It's Halliemulder06 . I love me some XFU.
hi everyone! just joined! WOOT!
Hello everyone!!! :)

X-FUs are everywhere!!! yay!!
LP is in da house! =P
Love to ya´ll, fellow XFU:s!

Good to see XFUs here!

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