I saw him in Manchester on the 18th April - it was brilliant! So funny - and such a lovely guy as well!

I contributed a cow towards to creature that was attacking everyone - and when you had to write a sentance mine was " i had chocolate in my peanut butter, ive got peanut butter in my chocolate together they taste like crap"

My profil picture is from that night and he signed my x files video that had EBE on it - he said it was cool as he hadnt seen the artwork for that before and was holding it up for people to see!

If he ever tours again im so there!

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I hear he does a great show. I'm waiting for him to come to the San Francisco Bay Area so I can catch his how.
I saw him here in Los Angeles years ago. It had to be one of the funniest improv shows I've ever seen. I can't remember exactly how we got there, but the line we had to write down was from a song. He built to this big moment where "Mulder" asks "Scully" why she still does the job after all these years. He pulled out the song answer and it was "I do it all for 'the nookie, come on so you can take the cookie' Mulder" (from Limp Bizkit). The moment is probably lost out of context, but the entire thing stopped for at least a minute because everyone completely lost it, laughing so hard.
Ack! I never thought to bring anything for him to sign!!! This was the second time he came to town with his improv show and it is still funny.
I also brought a comic that explained everything to do with the lone gunmen getting cancelled! Its really good!
I saw his show like 7 years ago...or more? I wish he'd tour a little closer to the Boston or NYC!! It was definitely hilarious...it even had my dad laughing uncontrolably, and he can be pretty serious.
I met Dean, Tom and Bruce several years ago at an Expo con in London. Really great guys! Then last year I saw Dean's XF Improv at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival whic was HYSTERICAL! My friend was laughing so much she spat wine all over me! LOL! Then my husband and I saw him again this May in Telford. He ended up on stage with him moving his arms and legs, while he fought the alien tiger/duck-billed platypus creature that farted all the time!!! LMFAO! I have some great photos. One is of Pete with his head in Dean's crotch, whilst leaning down holding his ankles! I'm sure I saw that position in the karma sutra! LOL!

Penny xx
I've been to Dean's shows several times. In the UK, in Germany, in Holland. Last time was in the UK. Sadly something had gone wrong, the people of the theatre had put up the add far too late so there weren't many people, something you need at an improv show. But Dean wouldn't be Dean if he hadn't made it a great show anyway. We're still in contact now and then and he's a really great guy.
I saw him do a one-man show in a small theater in Hollywood years ago. Give me a few days and I'll post a photo of the flyer from that event.

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