It is really sad that there's still no new threads in Harsh Realm section of the forum. :) This is unfair because the show is really great and violently uderrated.

So what are your favorite episodes? What did you like in the show?

I absolutely love Pilot and Manus Domini. Manus Domini gave a chance for all main characters to show themselves. And the story itself was very thought provoking.

And I like Inga Fossa, Kein Ausgang (cunematography was superb!), Three Percenters (hehe, Frank does have a thing for cannibalism :))), Cincinnati and Reunion.

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I really think it's a shame the show wasn't allowed a full season. I mean, I can kinda appreciate why it was cancelled on a major network, but man, sucks for the people who want to know what happened!

I've only watched the episodes through once, so can't really pick a favourite yet!
Yeah, those zip fights were kinda weird but I actually like it. :))) And I agree about Kein Ausgang.

Why did they cancel the show?!?
I thought this was a really interesting series (I'm only through episode 3 though) and think it would fare better now after Lost has been on and people are willing to watch a serialized drama.
I just re-discovered the series. My last episode I have seen was "Inga Fossa". I think the series is really good (allthough not as good as Millennium and X-Files) but I really like those blending between the militarized Harsh Realm world and the "real" world. I will get back as soon as I have seen the whole serie :-)

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