I just happened to be strolling through Best Buy after Christmas with a $20 gift card and noticed this series sitting on the shelf. I had to get it! I figured if I didn't like it, "hey, it's free!", but it has Terry O'Quinn so it must be good.

And good it was! It's criminal that series wasn't given a full season to let the story play out. I really liked just about everything about this series. The only part I didn't like was probably what was it's downfall...the Inga Fossa character. I liked how she was going to help her find Tom, but then all of the sudden she's playing some Cigarette Man-type character. I think this series would've been fine without a shady rogue character. (The twist with Pinnochio was pretty cool though.)

What I enjoyed most of all is how this series is kind of like what I'd imagine an "Escape from New York" tv series to be, with the basic concept of these people inside this post-apocalyptic, law-less society. Then you add in the virtual reality aspect and so much stuff was possible, it's insane. My favorite episode was when Hobbes and Pinnochi are trapped inside that war games scenario. I'd love to have seen more glitches in the system like that. However my favorite scene is when Santiago is able to use this device to scan/erase that soldier's face and put it on his own!! Damn...the possibilities are endless.

Too bad FOX couldn't make this into a movie. No need to do a sequel. Just take the same characters and story and update it with better effects. I even thought of the perfect ending: Hobbes is so set on getting out and going back to Sophie, however he realizes the only way to really stop Santiago is just to shut down the game. Somehow he can send a message to Sophie, so she breaks in and pulls the plug on the game.

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